Support Overgrow Canada 2019


These seeds are FREE, including postage, to any Canadian who asks. Donations are not mandatory, but they sure help!

It costs about $5 to prepare and ship each packet of seeds. So a simple $10 donation will make sure that 1 more person will get their seeds.

There's 3 easy ways to donate to Overgrow Canada 2019.

1) Donate directly with Paypal or a Credit Card using the form below.

2) Send an Email Money Transfer to *Please make the password "overgrow".

3) Send a cheque or money order to us at:

Sensible Change Society
207 West Hastings St., Suite 1414
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7.

*Please make all cheques and money orders out to "Sensible Change Society"

Thank you for your support!
Together we will OVERGROW CANADA!