Support Overgrow Canada 2018

These seeds are free, including postage, to any Canadian who asks. Donations are not mandatory, but they sure help!

It costs about $3 to prepare and ship each packet of seeds. So a simple $10 donation makes sure that 2 more people will get their seeds.

There's three easy ways to donate and support Overgrow Canada 2018.

1) Donate directly with Paypal or a Credit Card using the form below.

2) Send an Email Money Transfer to (make the password “overgrow”).

3) Send a cheque of money order to us at: Sensible Change Society, 207 West Hastings St., Suite 1414, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7. (Please make all cheques and money orders out to "Sensible Change Society.")

Thank you for your support! Together we will OVERGROW CANADA!